Monday, May 22, 2006

Madeleine "Not At" Albright Can't Shut Her Pie-Hole

She was the first woman Secretary of State, about whose stewardship of American foreign policy her former mentor Dean Peter Krogh of Georgetown's School of Foreign Service said one cannot "recall a time when our foreign policy was in less competent hands." She believes that, without her ground-breaking appointment as the nation's highest-ranking diplomat, Condoleezza Rice would never have had a similar opportunity. She collects brooches, yet every word out of her mouth is calculated to pin it all on George W. Bush. She is as partisan as it gets, and as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Madeleine "not-at" Albright once served as congressional liason for Carter's SecDef, Zbigniew "Can I Buy A Vowel" Brzezinski, but only because her dad got her the job. She had lots to say about foreign policy even then, but nobody was interested in listening (having heard the quality of her ideas already). If you want some yucks and to know more about her "illustrious" career, read this article by Julia Gorin. It was written in 9/2003, but some things, like Madeleine's intellect, don't change much.

Now Madeleine is concerned about GWB's faith, saying in a story on, "President Bush's certitude about what he believes in, and the division between good and evil, is, I think, different." She goes on to lament that, "Some of his language is really quite over the top. When he says 'God is on our side', it's very different from (former U.S. President Abraham) Lincoln saying 'We have to be on God's side.'"

Now, I'm no Bible-thumper by any stretch of the imagination, but I've never personally been uncomfortable with the president's faith. In these modern times when so few passionately believe in anything bigger than themselves, I think that Bush's faith is a good thing in a president. America has an obligation to maintain the moral high ground, and I have no problem with Bush planting the American flag on the summit.

What really strikes me, regarding Albright's blatherings, is how she fails to contrast or even acknowledge the equally fierce but morally vacuous beliefs held by our radical Ilamic jihadist enemies. The Left usually stumble over themselves apologizing to evil in the world for America's audacity to defend what is right (depending, of course, on what your definition of "is" is).

Julia Gorin sums it up: "... when you employ a merit-based system, you get Condoleezza Rice. And when you employ affirmative action, you get Madeleine Albright."

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