Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jimmy Carter: Fool's Mandate

Arguably the worst president in US history, Jimmy Carter now believes that his views represent the majority of Democrats. The sad part about this is, he is probably right. In an interview with Der Spiegel that is fraught with softball-questions and mutual tch-tching, Carter bemoans:
--Israel's "unjustified attack on Lebanon."
--How the Bush administration "has not attempted at all in the last six years to negotiate or attempt to negotiate a settlement between Israel and any of its neighbors or the Palestinians."
--Blah blah blah.

Short memory you got there, Jimmy.

Touting his own Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt, Carter concludes that negotiation is the only legitimate course of "action" for any crisis. When the interviewer responds with "But negotiations failed to prevent the burning of Beirut and bombardment of Haifa," Carter's reply is "I'm distressed."
Read it if you want. I've got better things to do, myself...

(Carter caricature courtesy of Cox & Forkum)


blogagog said...

Can you believe he had the audacity to offer economic advice?! That takes some serious cohones. And he did it with a straight face.

Can I use bad words here? Becase a number of them are running through my head right now.

JayI said...

If it weren't for the letter "u", I would be unable to speak. No language limits exist in the Wambulance, other than Speak English, Dammit!

defiant_infidel said...

Such noteworthy advice and guidance from the Prez. who originally allowed the Mullahs to take control of Iran. But hey, that was 27 years ago! What liberal can recall history (albeit inaccurately to boot) that occurred more than 27 seconds ago! What a rump swab! Good one, Jayi...

OdessaAmigo said...

"Arguably"? He makes Hoover look like Reagan.