Monday, August 07, 2006

The Mysterious "Green Helmet Guy"

He has most recently appeared in "news photos" taken in the aftermath of Israel's attack on Hizbollah missile launcher sites in the Lebanese town of Qana, which is a known Hizbollah stronghold. The most widely distributed picture of GHG showed him holding up a dead child so that all the reporters and photogs could get a better shot (widely believed to be an intentional propaganda pose, I refuse to show this picture). Then more pics of GHG were found dating from a similar Israeli strike on Qana in 1996. Who is this mysterious man with the olive-drab skid-lid?

After extensively googling this issue, I have learned agreat deal about the Green Helmet Guy.

For instance, he used to be an actor, but he wound up here.

I discovered that GHG is a "cat person" too... one of those annoying types who like to play Kitty Dress-Up:

As GHG's fame spreads far and wide, the marketing possibilities appear to be endless. Isn't this how Spiderman got his start?

Don't forget the toy market too!

Let me conclude this post making a promise to everyone in the Wambulance Nation that, before I decide to do another post like this in the future, I will first save my nickels and buy PhotoShop, instead of hacking images with MS Paint. Cross my heart.

Update: GHG now has a blog of his own.


blogagog said...

Ooh I didn't know he had the laser eye power! I knew he had photographer attracting super powers, but not laser eyes.

JayI said...

Also, notice that the comic may be the earliest known occurence of the "blood for oil" meme.