Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Carter Desperate To Pass His Crown To Bush

Since his resounding defeat by Ronald Reagan in 1980, Jimmy Carter has chafed under the well-deserved mantle of "Worst President - Ever." And its so unfair! Just because he presided over double-digit inflation, humiliation and loss of American prestige due to his inept bungling of the Iranian hostage crisis, and the precedent-setting appeasement of Islamic radicals (which has served to enbolden jihadists ever since), surely there has been a worse president than he at some point in history, right? ...Right? ...Anyone? ...No?

So Jimmy set himself to the task of proving to the world that he wasn't really the "Worst President - Ever" by sticking his stubby little proboscis into the affairs anyone who lacked the ability to tell him to butt out. Eventually, the good ol' boys in the Tyrants and Despots Society figured out that Jimmy's intrusive littly schnoz had a handy ring attached, by which he could be easily led about for the purpose of advancing their own agendas, such as "certifying" rigged elections and generally oppressing their respective populations. And so Jimmy tightened his grip on his dubious title even more.

One particularly spectacular display of "Jimmy the Tool" was his unsanctioned buttinski mission to North Korea, in which Kim Jung Il "agreed" to the conditions that would become Clinton's "Agreed Framework" policy. Kim told Jimmy, "Hey, I don't really want nukes, I just want a hug (and $5billion in aid, energy, and nuclear reactors)"and Jimmy bought it all like a yokel with a new deed to the Brooklyn Bridge. That Kim proceeded to violate the Agreed Framework from the beginning is undisputed -- the NorKos even admit it. What is disputed (among liberals, that is) is whose fault it is that Kim enjoyed unfettered opportunity and financing to develop nuclear weapons. Its Bush's fault! Jimmy says so!

Liberals have consistently tried and failed to brand every Republican president since Carter as the "Worst President - Ever." They said it about Reagan - the man who won the Cold War and has emerged as one of the finest presidents in our history. They tried to hang the title on Bush Sr., but the fact that he was head and shoulders (and torso and legs) above Carter was obvious even to them. Now they are trying to hang the title on Dubya, and Carter is leading the charge. He knows that George Bush is his last, best chance to lose the WP-E title in what remains of his lifetime, and his desperation to do so would be comical if it weren't so pathetic. And he knows that the most effective way to do so is to utilize the time-honored Democrat tradition of rewriting history.

Just as the Democrats have taken credit for Civil Rights (they opposed it) and winning the Cold War (they opposed that too), and claimed opposition to the war in Iraq (they supported it), they are now trying to gloss over their appeasement of Kim Jung Il by blaming NoKor's acquistion of nuclear weapons on Bush. The most idiotic argument they are making is that, by branding Kim part of the "Axis of Evil" Bush hurt his feelings and caused him to cheat on the Agreed Framework. This is preposterous and disengenuous. But those are the best descriptions for most of the Democrat's attacks on Bush, so what is new?

Jimmy (the one-termer) hears the clock ticking. He knows that his legacy as WP-E is all but assured unless he can pass it on to Dubya (a two-termer). I plan on enjoying his squirming.


defiant_infidel said...

Oh, this is SO cool... L@@K Ma! One of my favorite bloggers is slacking lately, too! See, I told you it was legal!!!

Jimmy is indeed a shrink wrapped plastic sphincter and you did a great job reviewing and summarizing it, JayI. Nice work!

(...and thanks for the visit/comment, too! What horrible location do you reside such that you don't have room for bow practice, Sir? Riffle season begins tomorrow and I will verify sighting later on today with my beloved old Enfield '06 in my back yard. "Land spreading out so far and wide..." You should stop over and join me. We could crack open a cold one after and settle into some good telling of lies. HA!

Ah, I'm gonna' be late... to the treestand, Batman!

JayI said...

Thank you for the kind words, DI.

I live in Houston, and the urban sprawl has swept away all shooting ranges in it's path. Ranges typically can only exist on the outskirts anyway, and there is an NRA-sanctioned range I just heard about that sounds incredible -- multiple rifle and handgun ranges, tactical, skeet and archery too. One stop shopping! I can haul out my bow, shotgun, and ak47 at once.

I used to live by Austin and had a friend with acreage near Ft. Hood who let me deer hunt for free on his property, but that parcel became a casualty of his divorce. I had little use for my .270 after that, and it was too expensive to plink with so I traded it in for an ak47 (cheap gun, cheap ammo, big noise) and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, it dovetailed nicely into this little organization that I joined. Big boys and their toys...