Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gratuitous Embedded YouTube Clip: Why Vote Republican?

Thats why.


Anonymous said...

this video is pathetic. the only people doing better in this economy are the wealthy, not the middle class or the poor. but wealthy, corporate americans are all the republicans care about... except of course when it comes election time, and they start scraping for the votes of the ignorant by talking about gay marriage, gun rights, and other bullshit that they likely don't even believe in.
and why should people vote republican just because hillary clinton used to be uglier than she is now? what does that have to do with anything? comparing that to the doctored photo of bush as alfred e. newman just insults people's intelligence. she made the connection based on the way bush ACTS, not on how he LOOKS (she had nothing to do with doctoring that photo) .. which is all that should matter in politics.
gas prices have fallen?? only very recently have they fallen, but only by a very small percentage of how much they had increased since bush invaded iraq.
and, by the way.. wages are not going up for the lower class. the minimum wage has not been raised in 10 years by the republican-controlled senate, even though they have voted to raise their OWN salaries - by $35,000 over the last 10 years!! the only time the republicans actually tried make it happen (instead of just consistently killing the democrats' proposed increases), were in july when they tacked it onto a bill for at least two self-serving purposes: one, to try to get their estate tax permanently cut, which only really affects the richest 7,500 families.. and two, to make it seem like they actually care about the poor! in an election year!!! like i said before... pathetic..
oh, and i almost forgot, the republicans didn't "weather" hurricane katrina, or iraq... they royally FUCKED THEM UP! everybody knows that, except i guess for the idiots who made this transparent piece of propaganda.

JayI said...

Three things:

- Next time, don't post as "anonymous." At least use an alias, which at least isn't a complete act of cowardice. May I suggest, "Liberal Weenie Troll" for example?

- Stop skipping your medication, it makes you babble. I prefer coherent thoughts from my commenters.

- Finally, on your keyboard is two big buttons with the word Shift on them. Learn to use them. This is a respectable joint, not DU or Kosland.

Thanks for commenting just the same. Your smell will clear eventually.

Anonymous said...

is that really all that matters to you - whether i use the shift key, or use a fake name? how could that possibly matter to you when i'm discussing issues that actually affect americans' lives?

i suggest you put more energy into defending the specifics that you support (like that loathsome video), or even just your warped convictions in general. resorting to attacking my syntax does not make your "joint" "respectable", it just proves how flimsy your stances are.

maybe this is more to your liking:
Perhaps you should just stop wasting your time.

JayI said...

"Bob" (if that's your real name), this blog exists for my personal pleasure, not yours. As such, it is never a waste of my time (unless I'm reading your comments, that is). I have no interest in debating anything with somebody who comes into my space with a chip on their shoulder, spouting insults and Howard Dean talking points. It was obvious from the first sentence of your first comment that you had no interest in "debating the issues," you just wanted to Beat Up On A Neocon With Warped Convictions And Flimsy Stances.

I'm not now, nor will I ever be, your whipping boy, "Bob."

And "Bob," the next time you darken my doorstep, try have some manners. Your rudeness is something I obviously don't respond to very well. In all fairness though, I should note that you almost did a nice job using the Shift key toward the end of your second post; however, you failed to use it in five instances prior to that. Keep working on it, I'm seeing real improvement! You may even become passably literate someday. Now, why don't you go play in the street with your outraged, drivel spewing little friends over at dailykos, mmkay? Is that stance flimsy enough for you?

P.S. Go piss up a rope, pinhead.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you actually took the time to make this...or even post it...this "great" nation has raped and pillaged everyone but the rich, 1% of this country. I can't find work. I have a job that gives me less than 10 hours a week at $8/hr and Republicans continue to tell me that I'll be fine. How the hell can I be fine?! I have a family to take care of. My son's 4 months old and I can't buy him diapers. You are a moron. A moron who has fallen for mediocre tricks of republicans. Democrats aren't too great either but at least they're fighting for the millions of Americans who can barely make ends meet, let alone earn enough to save for their children's future. The republicans of today have no right to call themselves competent or even of human intelligence. Why continue to vote for a party who swears to cut programs that help educate our children, overtax more than 50% of the Americans who can't afford shelter or food, and decide that they need a higher income to be able to purchase that second private jet? If you seriously can't see that the republicans who are running this country are destroying everyone in it then in my opinion, you aren't intelligent enough to vote.

P.S. Everything that you said towards "Bob" was crap. Instead of an intelligent rebuttal you start spewing insults and commenting on his literacy? Sounds like someone's trying out some of those tricks he learned from them Republicans. <3

Jay said...

Bob? Is that you? Still stupid I see...