Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Still Alive...

Due to the overwhelming demand, I am posting something new. I must apologize to the Wambulance Nation for my monumental slacking since the November election - the whole concept of "Speaker Pelosi" still makes me involuntarily guzzle tequila. But that is no excuse for allowing so much dust to accumulate in the interim.

(cue sad music)

These last few months have been a bit hectic in the personal realm of your humble correspondent's life, culminating in a recently-finalized-yet-long-anticipated divorce from my wife of 17 years (not counting the previous 8 years of "living in sin") and all of the associated legal wrangling, property division, and general bullshit which attends such an event. To ease your collective mind, it was an amicable split with the children's best interests given the greatest priority, and as such can be adequately described as a "good thing."

(cue party music)

But hey! Wambulance exists not to depress, but to agitate!
To purge!
To piss off!
To precipitate chuckles!
To maybe-someday-generate-enough-traffic-to-pay-for-a-used-pickup-truck!
With an extended cab and a spray-on bed liner!

So, in the spirit of Whine-None-None, I pledge to all my regular reader(s) and you poor bastards that landed here by accident, that I will try really hard to post more often, to offer my insights on affairs more current than 4 months ago, and be generally semi-diligent rather than wholly indigent.

Really. I'll try.

Just keep in mind that I'm buying a house at the moment and still have to pack all my shit, so it may not seem as if I'm Really Trying for a bit yet. Therefore, I beg your indulgence.


blogagog said...

Ouch :(. I hope the hardest part is over. Good luck in your new house!

blogagog said...

Heh. If you are unhappy, check out my rant at the dailygut. I love being disgruntled:).

I know it's ridiculous, but it's part and parcel for that site :).

blogagog said...

Lemme guess, you are schmofo :)

defiant_infidel said...

Hey! *knock, knock, knock* Anybody still live over here???

JayI said...

Rumors of my demise, while apparently reasonable, are unfounded. I just moved into my new (to me) house, still unpacking, and learning to be a "single Dad" with all that entails. But life is good.